Track247 offer cutting edge innovating cost effective tracking and reporting. Our low cost mini GPS & GNSS trackers have a long battery life that provide location information and much more, battery level, temperature, location accuracy, movement detected etc.

We offer different tracking reporting, if you are a private customer with a couple of quads you may prefer to use an app, if you a tracking a coporate fleet you may prefer our in-house developed web based reporting suite.

Included is fingerprint technology, you can subscribe and register your quad is the National database which insurance and police use to identify your quad bike ownership.

MyAsset3 Mini GPS Tracker

MyAsset3 Mini GPS Tracker Product Specifications

Battery-powered mini GNSS tracker with ultra long standy time.

Finger print technology for you quad will cost £20 and includes subscription to the National Database which insurance and police use to identify your quad bike ownership.

* Note our covert products are not pictured online.

  • Size: 41.8mm(L) x 46.8mm(W) x 16.9mm(H)
  • Weight: 42g
  • Temperature: -20C ~ +60C
  • Battery: >2.5 years battery life (battery replaceable)
  • Other Features: Covert install, GNSS positioning, power saving mode, continuous mode, OTA control, scheduled report facility, low power alarm.

The Solution


Advantages of Track247 tracking systems

  • Small - Our devices are very small and very easy to hide.
  • Battery powered - Our devices are battery powered, some of our devies batterys can last years. Devices battery level is displayed in your tracking report.
  • Tracking Reporting - All your devices can be viewed in one place, we show location on map. If fleet, is device in predesignated zone functionality.
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Buy your hardware, we will send it to you to fit. The devices are battery powered and very small. simply hide it on your vehicle or macinery.



Login into your online account or app and track.

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