Track247 offer cutting edge innovating cost effective tracking and reporting of various vehicles, assets and machinery, such as trailer tracking, plant machinery tracking, farm machinery tracking, motor bike tracking, quad bike tracking and fleet vehicle tracking.

Industry experience since 1994. Passionate about supporting our clients, using innovative and intelligent in-house written software and the latest in GPS, GNS & IoT hardware, Track247 can create unbeaten tailored Tracking management packages. With a team of highly creative, technical specialists striving to offer fresh, progressive ideas in tracking solutions.

Fleet & Machinery

If you have multiple vehicles or plant machinery that need tracking, this is our speciality!

We can quickly, cost effectivly and painlessly track the following:

  • Fleet Vehicle Tracking
  • Trailer Tracking
  • Plant Machinery Tracking
  • Farm Machinery Tracking
  • Motor Bike Tracking
  • Quad Bike Tracking

The Solution


Advantages of Track247 tracking systems

  • Small - Our devices are very small and very easy to hide.
  • Battery powered - Our devices are battery powered, some of our devies batterys can last years. Devices battery level is displayed in your tracking report.
  • Tracking Reporting - All your devices can be viewed in one place, we show location on map. Is device in predesignated zone functionality.
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The Next Steps


Talk to us if you have multiple assets to track

Find out which solution is best for you.


Buy your hardware in our online shop

Buy your hardware, we will send it to you to fit. The devices are battery powered and very small. simply hide it on your vehicle or macinery.



Login into your online account or app and track.

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We are experts, Industry experience since 1994, innovating using our own in-house written tracking software.